My name is Ivan, I’m Ukrainian, based in UK and Spain, and I am CG Generalist/Game Developer.

I began as 3d modeller ages ago and now I do mostly animations for games, commercials, architecture visualisations, AR/VR apps and lots of other things. Recently I’ve started working on mobile games, coding as well as making graphics.

I worked with different studios and creative agencies such as Trailers Studio, Birdlife Production, ARt DDs Video & VFX Production, Geizer, Panthera Production, Mad Light, ArtificailGroup and others.

Currently I work for DotFive Ltd based in UK.

Contact me

Bournemouth, United Kingdom, BH1 1JE, Richmond Gardens, Mount Heatherbank

Don't hesitate, just write to me if you have any questions to this email miniyeti88@gmail.com