My name is Ivan, I am CG Generalist and Co-Founder of Beardy Bird. I began as 3d modeller with 3d studio max, and now I do mostly cinematics for games, advertisments, architecture visualizations, mobile games and a lot of other things. While working as CG artist I have learned a lot of different software in CG industry: 3ds max, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4d, RealFlow, Vue, Maya, DAZ Studio and lots of plugins for them.

Mostly I use 3ds max as a main Tool, but it is always easier to work when you know different ways to create this or that scene. That's why I always tell to people to learn more different software.

I worked with lots of studios, such as Trailer Studio, Birdlife Production, ARt DDs Video& VFX Production, Geizer, RedWhiteCA, DotFive Ltd, Panthera Production, ArtificailGroup and many others. There were different kind of projects from architecture design to game cinematics, automobile advertizing videos and web-product videotrailers. And everyone of them were really challenging!

Every time you learn something new! And that's what I love in it!

Contact me

Bournemouth, United Kingdom, BH1 1JE, Richmond Gardens, Mount Heatherbank

Don't hesitate, just write to me if you have any questions to this email