Ailment - development diary

Days of work:

Here you can see some progression of my work while developing Ailment. You can see how the game was shaping up. Roughly I’d say the whole development took about 120 days. Can’t say for sure cause after day 74 I quit, and continued on and off during 2018 and 2019.

Again started in February 2019 I got to the point of Production in mid March. Check out how simple it was in the very beginning: on day 8 (scroll down).

Day 135: Final version. Added localisations, changed systems of game saves and in-game ads too.

And of course also lots of bugs fixing were performed.

Day 120: Huge jump between day 74 and 120. On that day Ailment finally shaped up and was ready for Production. Still has some issues when I was testing it.

Many-many new stuff were created: power-ups, assembled all of the levels, edited whole story, monologue was adjusted, finalised menu and credits, added music and sounds which were done by myself and Ruslan Viter - composer, and very nice guy.

Day 74: the last day before I quit. Created new guns and worked on new levels, and some of course new UI.

Also integrated Unity Ads: if player was killed he could revive either having in-game points or watching the ad.

Also here as you can see while having dialog with companions the game was paused. But it seemed a bit slow and and annoying as i was happening quite often,

Day 63: Another teaser showing features of the game and game-play, using gun-shop and new types of guns.

Day 60: Made a huge progress: drew new companions, new guns, assembled a few levels and also developed various types of guns. This one meant to be the very first teaser as I was working already for 2 months on this game.

Day 55: Continued assemble very first level and also made loading screen on new level loading.

Day 50: Here the main focus was on creating NPC that could follow the player - companion - and his behaviour.

Was basically copy-paste from players and enemy behaviours.

Day 42: Finished working on new menu and also have done in-game gun shop, so player not only could find guns but also buy them using in-game points earned while killing enemies.

Day 40: Finished working on Game Over screen and now player was able to see monologue of the character if he was picking up guns.

Day 30: Here I’ve created the very first menu, which sucked a lot. And also player could now pick up guns from lockers and boxes.

Day 28: The main focus was on camera movement: when battle starts it has to show all of the enemies next to the player, otherwise - not in the battle - it was focused only on the character, fixed on him. And the most difficult part was making smooth transition between this two modes. Also I worked on switching guns system, so player could switch guns while playing.

Day 22: Created very first UI and added some new animations to the objects and characters. Started to shape up Level Design and general mood of the game.

Day 20: Started to assemble very first level and also finished character death.

Day 18: Worked on new skins for shooting enemies and also started with player monologue system: now character could talk depending he was in a battle or just discovering level.

Day 15: I developed another type of enemies: shooting enemies, their behaviour was same as previous ones with the only difference - they were shooting in the direction of player and running away when had low health.

Day 13: Created new enemy skins and developed simple behaviour - enemies were moving around player depending on the distance to the character. If they were very close they were attacking him. I was using C# and Unity3d to develop whole game.

Worked on pixel-art animation in Photoshop and created the characters that very hitting and running away.

Day 10: I’ve created first enemies, and you can see they didn’t look like they do now, those were very typical zombies. Also worked on health and hit systems. And as you can see enemies don’t have any behaviour.

Day 8: First week of work: when I just finished working on player movement and basic shooting. Created the character while learning how to draw pixel-art in Adobe Photoshop.

Also figured out how to use sprite sheets effectively and worked a bit on lighting in the game.