Ailment – sci-fi PIXEL-ART game by one man

This game will get you through dramatic and ATMOSPHERIC STORY-LINE mixed with a hardcore action


BeardyBird Games launches Ailment – pixelart action game, available for iOS and Android. The game takes place in year 2326 somewhere in a deep space on a board of the spaceship. The main character wakes up being unconscious for 3 days but the last thing he remembers is returning from the other spaceship where he had a rescue mission. He sees that all his crew members have changed and turned against him. He has to survive and  find out what had happened on his ship. Ailment mixes dynamic action battles with main character’s monologues while he recalls his memories and tells the story.



“It’s been an awesome but tough journey – developing Ailment – I’ve learned so much: became graphic designer, script editor, programmer, marketing manager and so many other roles. But all of that was worth the comments and reviews of people who are enjoying my game!” – Ivan Panasenko, BeardyBird Games.



Ailment players most of the time will walk around spaceship sections opening doors, discovering information what happened on the ship and of course having huge amounts of fights with it’s crew members. The main character talks a lot to himself, recalling his memories, while exploring the ship and also depending on situation, which makes him very alive. Players will also be able to find different weapon on every level, and check out many references to different sci-fi movies and games. There’re plenty of pretty brutal death animations of enemies and sarcastic main character’s phases in their address, which makes game more alive.

Check out Ailment on GooglePlay and AppStore!