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So what is it all about? March 2017 I had no clue about programming at all! But I was keen to learn, so one night I went to and bought for 10$ a video-course “How to make 2d platformer using Unity3d“. It took 2-3 months to learn from scratch how to code and how to draw pixel-art graphics, but after that I already had strong desire to create my won game! I’ve created an idea, got inspiration from some games I played in the past: Fallout 2 and Soul Knight. And then started to code! I was eating information for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and after 3 months I came up with 40% of the game! And I called it Ailment.

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In order to test it I bought used iPhone 5S, and cheap Samsung phone, I was making builds after builds, testing, learning, failing. On the 4th month I’ve burned out… I quit. But almost after after 1.5 years I came back and decided to finish it! It took 2 months more to finish it. And now I’m so proud working on it and so excited!

Check it out! Here’s what’s the game is about:

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"He lost his memory... He lost his friends... But he's got gun to fight for his life and discover the full story behind!"

Ailment is a pixel-art action game which takes place on a spaceship in a far far galaxy.
The main character wakes up in a med-bay of the spaceship after being unconscious for three days and all of the friends became enemies. The last thing he remembers was returning from the other ship where he had a rescue mission. But everyone on that ship was already dead... He has to remember what happened and find out the truth.


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* Tons of different weapon 
* Brutal death animations 
* Exciting story behind
* Pixel art graphics 
* Always talking character
* Atmospheric sound effects
* Dramatic surrounding
* Easter eggs on every level
* Hours of dynamic game-play
* Ability to bring NPCs with you
* And many others

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