3 days of work, 3 weeks of rendering and 90 layers of compositing

This is a short article about how was created video Aspard Concept. I hope some of the newcomers will achieve something from the text below  The video was created in such programs  as 3d max and After Effects.


I just want tosay that the project is not  commercial and all works took exactly 3 days. Town buildings, I can honesty say that I borrowed from such a resource as Evermotion. Ofcourse they had to be adjusted: extend the street, add details such as flowers, some lattices, windows, lanterns, and other details to create a certain atmosphere of Spanish or Italian town.
Talking about car itself, the concept was developed by my friend a few years ago and he asked me to make a 3D model. Animating the movement of the car and the cameras was not difficult, because i've used great plugin Craft Director Studio.


Very often in the articles about movies  interviewing some guy-developer , interviewer asks a question like "What was the most difficult in the development of the film?" In this case I would say, "Nothing!" In fact, for me, the main purpose of creating this video was to demonstrate some of my abilities, so as long as I was inspired, I decided not to stop.

3d cage and rendered layers

3d cage and rendered layers

At one of the stages of creating the video I get an idea of  adding some particles, and it was decided that it should be the petals. And in the final stages I thought like  "more petals!" That's how was created  the atmosphere of the old Chinese movies...


It took three weeks to render video on my i5. I was rendering during cold winter nights. The result was about 90 layers (diffuse layers, depth of field, all sorts of "patches", etc), which, in anticipation of the final, I started to compose. For compositing I used After Effects. It's just wonderful)

Post-production layers

Post-production layers

Here is making of. Enjoy!